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Coil Tubing/Mixing Plants Filtration Mixing Plant/Coil Tubing

Our products are used in the final solids removal before water is returned to a supply tank and then reused by the coiled tubing unit and the mixing plant.

Saltwater Disposal Saltwater Disposal

Our products are used in Saltwater Disposal (SWD) applications to remove solids prior to the injection back into a well or prior to disposal.

Produced Water Recycle/Reuse Produced Water Recycle/Reuse

Our products are used in the recycle and reuse of produced water from frac operations.

Industry/Article Spotlight
Managing Water For Increasing Production Volumes Managing Water For Increasing Production Volumes

As production rates continue to climb, so does the amount of water produced, along with the need to use more water for completions and production.

More E&P Regulations Ahead? More E&P Regulations Ahead?

US House panel studies E&P impacts on water supplies.

PWS Permian Basin 2019 PWS Permian Basin 2019

Visit Coleman Filter Company at the Produced Water Society 2019 event in Midland August 7th and 8th.

Product Spotlight
Torpedo High Flow Filter Torpedo High Flow Filter

With flow rates up to 500 GPM, and a loading capability far superior to pleated elements, this 60" is the workhorse in our arsenal of elements.

Bullet Bag Replacement Filter Bullet Bag Replacement Filter

The Bullet cartridge is converts bag/sock filtration vessels into cartridge vessels with substantial cost savings and longer time between change-outs.